Saturday, July 3, 2010

Writing first thing

Today was my fourth day of writing first thing in the morning. The last three days weren't easy. I wanted so much to follow my familiar routine of brushing my teeth, making tea, checking email, writing in my journal. An easy, comfortable hour has been going that way each morning for many years.

Here instead, I've been getting up, brushing my teeth, making my bed and opening the blinds onto the lush early morning garden of lilies and robins, goldfinches and astralomeria. I get dressed, put on my slippers and go across the covered breezeway to the main kitchen. I put the kettle on, do some stretches, and make tea. Then I pad back across the breezeway to my room and turn on the computer.

Today for the first time, there was no resistance to wade through before the writing started. Today, I woke up early (just after 6), shook myself from an unpleasant dream, and starting thinking about Doug and Ellie, my characters, and what was going to happen next. I had a good idea for an upcoming chapter but I needed an interim piece and as I lay there and thought about it, it all came clear, so that by the time I had tea in hand, I was ready to go. And by noon, with an hour out for a brisk walk, I'd written 2500 words, about average for these four days.

There are too many variables for me to accurately guess the cause of my prolific writing this week. We're in silence most of the day so I can stay with my characters. I stay off email and there's no phone service. My day to cook was early in the week so I just show up for meals. In other words, I'm pretty well taken care of and can just focus on the writing.

I've also much less to distract me here. No household chores when the imagining falters or the characters won't behalf. I guess I could fold and refold the underwear in the drawer, but that seems pretty pointless.

Anyway, I did want to report that I've been in the writing waterfall for 4 days and it's been glorious.

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