Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 1 of the retreat

I'm loving being here on retreat and I'm having a hard time settling down to work on my book. I trust that that will come, an engagement in the story and in the writing process, but right now it's a lot more fun to lie on the outdoor sofa and look at the lush gardens in the crisp marine air that's the perfect temperature and snooze and read a little of Stephen King's book On Writing.

I did spend some time this afternoon reading through my five pages of notes, and I think I have solved the issue of the missing computer and how Hansen, the detective, is going to find it. I've got a number of ideas for chapters that I can get started on but all of them have a logistical issue like that that needs to be resolved. Not necessarily before I start writing on them but it would certainly help. Knowing now what the car and the anagramed registration name is a big step in the right direction.

Our day at the retreat is spent in silence (except for meals) and that prolonged quiet, whether I'm actually at the keyboard or not, is tremendously helpful because it gives me a chance to stay with my characters and my plot and let my not-quite-conscious brain keep working on the issue.

It's also clear to me how tired I am of being at the keyboard (I've been particularly busy at my paid work lately) and so it has been lovely to do some long journal entries and just cogitate.

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