Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When poetry nags to be written

Today, I put in a good work day editing several projects for clients. I worked until I became inefficient as I have a couple of tight deadlines for these projects. But all day poetry has been nagging at me. The nagging actually started yesterday when I turned off the alarm and went back to bed. "You could get up and write a poem or two before you start your day," a little voice said and I ignored it and spent a luxurious additional hour in my comfy bed.

And then last night, the voice was back. "How about now?" as I got out of the shower and turned on a couple of episodes of Saving Grace or "Even now?" as I brushed my teeth.

This morning I got up early. I had a lot on my plate, including this big project for a new client and some of the work needed doing right away and I postponed breakfast and got it edited and sent off and all the while, the poetry muse was whispering and tugging at my sleeve and I kept brushing him aside.

But then it got to be 5:15 and I was done with work for the day...out of steam...and I thought about kicking back with the novel I'm reading or turning on Netflix and then the voice said "Write for an hour, just do it, no more thinking about it, just doing it, just write even if it's crap," and I did and I wrote two poems quite quickly and I feel so much better.