Sunday, February 13, 2011

How much more do you need to learn?

I recently volunteered to give an editing workshop at women's writers conference. I like sharing what I know about writing with others, helping writers get better writing out into the world. I had no hesitation about volunteering but I did stop and think when the organizer asked me if I'd be there all day. Commiting to being there means I need something to do. Will I find it interesting or helpful to sit through other presentations? How much more do I need to learn?

I'm not really a snob about these things and while I am fairly experienced as a writer, I can always learn a new trick or two, or hear an idea that's worth considering. But when I'm honest with myself, what I really need is just to read and write, not to listen. I think we can get caught up in believing that somebody out there has the answers that will make us more sellable, more publishable, when in fact it's honing our own craft, finding our own voice, developing our own style, and creating our own stories. It's really about writing and writing and writing and self-editing and polishing and writing more and then sending it out.

I did say yes to the full day. Maybe I'll go to the workshops and maybe I'll get a coffee and write all afternoon. Either way it will be good.