Sunday, April 3, 2011

If I were rich

For the past three weeks, I've been doing an online class on feng shui and prosperity. I've had some good things happen with feng shui around my home and thought I'd give this class a try. As the teacher points out, the actual circumstances of the different activities are much less important than the intention and focus that you put into doing them and that's helpful for me, the idea of focusing on and intending prosperity. And this is not just financial prosperity but all kinds of abundance.

One of the exercises each day is an idea to contemplate and then write about. Yesterday, it was writing about a luxury that you've always wanted to afford if money were no object. I thought about the material things I could get (a better car, a new wardrobe) but what I'd really like is the money to take writing and painting classes whenever--and wherever--I wanted to. I'd love to travel to different places and take workshops with painters like Jeanne Carbonetti or do a writing retreat in Greece with Judith Barrington or have the money for the year-long creative writing program at the Attic here in Portland.

I'd like to improve my skills and learn some new techniques and visit some intriguing places, but mostly I'd like to have a structured way to spend that time focused on my creative work. I would love that.