Sunday, January 2, 2011

Post-completion letdown and moving ahead

Since completing the first draft of the novel I'm working on on Friday, I've been in a bit of a letdown. I love the drafting of fiction and first draft is the most fun. I don't worry if it holds together, if the details are realistic or accurate, if the timeframe fits or the weather is appropriate, I don't worry if I bounce around in point of view. I just keep drafting and imaging and thinking: What's going to happen next?

Now I've a good story and lots of work to do that is more rewrite and edit and solve and resolve. I like this part too but not quite as much as the drafting.

Yesterday I took the day off, although a part of me is aware that the retreat is nearing its end and I'll jump back into paid work and all the other time complications of my other life. I read, I reflected, I walked, I futzed. And it was fun.

Today, I'm making an index card for each chapter, beginning to look at some of the issues to resolve, some of the gaps in the story. This will be good work for today and tomorrow. Then home and time to let the story rest for a week or two before I dive in again.

It's all good.