Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Starting the new writing practice

After five mornings of writing first thing, then writing all morning, I wrote in my journal the last two mornings. But today, due to the advent yesterday of Franny, a new kitten, I was up at 4:30 with little hope of going back to sleep. When Franny's up, she wants everybody up and that means refereeing with the two older cats who aren't thrilled that little Franny has come to join us.

I futzed for a few minutes, then realized I had nearly two hours until my gym buddy and I were headed out. So I did my best to recreate the retreat experience. Put my laptop on the dining table with a view out to the terrace, which got cleaned yesterday, made a cup of tea, fed the cats, and sat down and write a chapter. The storyline had been percolating in my head all day yesterday. I wasn't exactly sure where it was going but I had a good idea and sure enough it just flowed on to the page. I liked staying in the story during the day, thinking about it in off-moments, and knowing I'd be working with the characters again.

I wrote very steadily until just past 7, got dressed, and went to the gym. Being up that long, I felt much more alert for the gym, and having already been creative for two hours was a huge boost to the day although I have to admit I felt very sleepy about 4 pm and again now. I won't be going to bed late tonight. And I hope to write again tomorrow.

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