Monday, July 5, 2010

Home from retreat, well satisfied

I arrived home about 12:30 today from the writing retreat. I had planned to put in a couple of hours very early this morning, an effort to keep the early morning writing going, but I slept poorly and had too many little things to do to get ready to leave at 7:30. I gave a ride to one of the other women and we agreed to keep silence a while and so it was nearly 11 before we started any conversation. That gave me a few more hours to ponder my characters and where they are going.

Over the last five days (Wed-Sun), I wrote 12,000 words. That's a lot and I felt really good about most of it. It needs editing, it needs tweaking, some of it even needs rethinking but I broke my stuck place around figuring out what might happen and that felt really good. And some surprises showed up and that felt really good.

My challenge now will be keeping up the momentum, to keep in the front of mind and calendar, that I am a writer for myself, not an editor for authors. The retreat lets me live fully into the first identity and let go of the second. My real life here at home is the reverse. So it will be interesting to see if I can get up and write first thing tomorrow and how that might play out.

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