Friday, June 18, 2010

The Creative Tao

One of my favorite creativity references is Pamela K. Metz's The Creative Tao, published in 1997. It's both about the artistic process and about living life in a creative way. Her interpretation of Lao Tze's ancient text is always inspiring to me. Here's are a couple of excerpts:

37. Practice

The creative Tao does nothing,
yet all things are done through it.

If women and men would practice creative living,
then our world would be more natural.

People would find the artistry in their daily lives and be surprised by their inventiveness.

When creativity is practiced,
there is contentment in the world.

52. Telling the Story

Each person has a story to tell.
When you know your own story,
you begin to understand your life.

If you refuse to know yourself,
you may limit your possibilities.
If you embrace your journey,
you may find peace in your heart.

Seeking the unknown helps to create mysteries.
Giving up the known may lead to enlightenment.
Telling the story is a creative person's quest.

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