Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sounding smarter

I was at my doctor's yesterday waiting for my annual physical and reading the paltry selection of magazines. I did come across this of interest.

Hopefully vs. I hope (hopefully means in a hopeful manner). 99% of the time we mean "I hope."

Between you and I should always be between you and me. Similarly her and I cannot correctly appear together. It's either her and me (both objects) or she and I (both subjects).

I feel badly refers to difficulty with your fingertips as not working properly. I feel bad means you are sad or ill.

I need to lay down is grammatically incorrect. The correct form is I need to lie down. Lay always takes a direct object. I need to lay this sack down.

ATM machine and PIN number are redundant (The M in ATM stands for machine and the N in PIN stands for number. Use ATM and PIN.

Chaise lounge is incorrect. The phrase is chaise longue (long chair from French).

Nauseous means to cause nausea, nauseated is what you become. Say I feel nauseated.

Tune in tomorrow for a few more.

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