Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More smart speaking

More from the Reader's Digest article on usage:

Use for all intents and purposes, not for all intensive purposes.

Skip "of" after "off." Say Get off me, not Get off of me.

Distinguish clearly between comprise and compose. Comprise is used as a verb that is a synonym for include. His actions comprise the finding and typing of information. The sculpture is composed of wire hangars. Why in doubt, skip comprise and use include.

Orientate means to face east; it is not a generic verb for location in space. That verb is orient.

Merge together is redundant. Merge means to put together.

I literally laughed my head off. Literally means actually and is best reserved for real events--unless your head really did come off.

X is very unique, quite unique, sort of unique. No. Something is unique or not. There are no grades of it, just like things are perfect or not.

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