Friday, August 5, 2011

Introversion and pitching your book

Two years ago I was gungho to sell my first novel. And I was terrified of pitching it to agents. Not because I didn't believe in my book but because one-on-one experiences with a stranger is my idea of a nightmare. I'd rather get up and ad lib about my sex life to 1000 people than meet a stranger and have to have a conversation.

So tomorrow, when I go to Willamette Writers conference, I'm going with as close to zero expectations as I can get. I'm psyching myself to look for an agent that suits me rather going with proverbial hat in hand and relinquishing all my personal power. I feel comfortable talking about my book and I like this book a lot and am confident it can sell. It would be lovely if one of the three agents I am going to talk to is also interested. But if not, so be it.

I still expect to be nervous but I don't expect to be disappointed and frustrated that way I was two years ago. I'm holding it lightly this time!

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  1. Dear Jill,

    You rock it, my friend -- I LOVE your disposition of going in to look for someone who suits you. YOU are the one who has written a great novel, after all!