Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hanging in there, praying for the muse to show up

Once I have an idea for a chapter, the writing usually flows pretty well. I stop and start, go back and make adjustments, but stuff moves along. Boy, that was not the case yesterday. My character Al had been nagging me for several weeks. He needed to have a conversation with his minister but he wouldn't tell me why or what it was going to be about.

Tuesday night when I went to bed, I asked my muse to visit and give me some guidance so that I could write that chapter yesterday morning. Well, he did not show up. No dream, no insights, no nada. I did wake very early, done with sleep, and hoped that was a good sign. It wasn't.

For the next 4 hours, I eked out two pages of conversation. I started with Al's point of view. Then I reworked it from the pastor's point of view. I couldn't figure out what the relationship was between the two men. It seemed cordial enough but I knew something was missing. Not in my writing but between them. What was the point of the conversation? What was the point of the chapter? I was practically begging Al to help me out.

And then, in one of those amazing aha's, I saw it all. What Al wanted help with. Why the pastor wouldn't help him. Their relationship. It was a thrilling and relief-filled moment. It also put some other character pieces in place for me that I've been needing all week. Hallelujah!

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  1. Good for you for keeping your butt in the chair for those 4 hours. Many would have given up long before! But they wouldn't have gotten to that wonderful aha. Halleluah indeed!
    Hugs and Love, Barbara Joy