Thursday, June 3, 2010

When there's too much information

I'm never at a loss for words, but the past several weeks I've been stuck. I've read so many blogs and articles on sending the perfect query letter, delivering the perfect pitch, writing the perfect synopsis, that I'm paralyzed.

Several of the other presenters at the Hazelden conferences I've been speaking at have given me introductions to their agents or publishers. These warm leads are much prized because like most businesses, who you know is almost as important (or more so) than your actual product.
But I didn't come home and immediately connect with them.

Why not? Because I hadn't yet perfected my pitch, my query, my synopsis. In the throes of being a relative novice in the publishing game, I forgot that I'm a great writer, a good communicator, successful at marketing my own business. I found myself flummoxed by too much information.

Tuesday I wrote a letter to one of these agents. I sent it off to two trusted writers and got their feedback and this afternoon, I'm going to complete it, pack up the copy of my book, and send it off. Since I'm not going to know the perfect letter when I see it (or write it), I can just do the best I can do and move on and trust that my book will find the right channel. And I'm going to recognize that the belief that some one piece of information is going to heold the key is a myth.

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