Tuesday, June 22, 2010

4 hours a day

I spent time collaging with a good friend yesterday. It felt really good to me to be doing something visual and spatial with color after a number of weeks of word work, writing and editing most days of the week for clients. Kathie had recently taken a calligraphy class and an acquaintance was also taking the class. She told Kathie that she had been doing a year-long study with a Master Teacher, who would fly out once a month to work with her group in Salem. The first time they met, the teacher laid out his expectation.

Each of them was to work 4 hours per day on their art and craft. 4 hours per day every day all year. He didn't care whether it was evening or morning or middle of the night, in 1 session or 8 sessions, but they had to put the time in.

Think what we would happen for each of us if we dedicated that amount to our writing, our painting, our tennis, our gardening, our interests. Even if we varied the topic of our four hours, think of what that might mean.

I'd finish my novel this year. I'd write a lot of poetry. I'd finally read the writing books and painting books and creativity books that line 6 of my 8 book shelves. I'd produce a lot of pastels. I'd get good at it. I'd market my books.

I'd probably eat less, watch way fewer Netflix, sleep less. I'd probably work my paid job much more efficiently, do my errands much more efficiently, to keep blocks of time open for creativity.

What might change for you?

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