Monday, April 5, 2010

Using transitions when you write

Several clients recently queried me about a list of transition words that they could use in business writing. In the teaching I do regularly, I've used the following list with students. You may find it of use.


That explain:
now, in addition, for, in this case, furthermore, in fact

That emphasize:
certainly, indeed, above all, surely, most importantly

That qualify:
but, however, although, though, yet, except for

That illustrate:
for example, for instance, thus, therefore, such (a/an), next

That add:
in addition; furthermore; also; moreover; then; first, second, third, etc.

That compare:
like, in the same way, similarly, equally important, too

That contrast:
unlike, in contrast, whereas, on the other hand, instead

That concede:
although, nevertheless, of course, after all, clearly, still, yet

That state a consequence:
therefore, as a result, consequently, accordingly, so, otherwise

That sum up:
to sum up, finally, in conclusion, at last, in summary

Other forms of transition:


He asked what that meant. We watched the hikers as they climbed slowly.


Community colleges are like the two-year colleges called junior colleges or “JCs.” Both schools prepare students for four-year colleges and universities.

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